What We Offer

What We Offer

Self - Pay Screening

Some patients who come in for medical services will not be able to cover their care because they are not insured, their insurance plan does not cover the cost of the treatment, or because their insurance provider or coverage was denied. Our proprietary technology, expert knowledge, and screening practices optimize patient processing by providing healthcare providers with more solutions for payer sources with faster turnaround times. CRS Medical Benefits accomplishes this by using our resources and contacts to identify Medicaid eligibility, disability eligibility, workers comp, auto insurance claims, ACA, victims of crime, and commercial payers. Healthcare providers can experience the following benefits:

  • Medicaid dollar recovery increased by 50% to 100% within one year.
  • Multi-lingual capability.
  • Weekly quality control review of each account to ensure that appropriate and timely actions are taken.
  • Patient home visits for hands-on assistance.
  • Aggressive appeal action when benefits are incorrectly denied.
  • Customized reporting.
Self - Pay Screening

Billing, Collections & Denial Management

Our primary job is to maximize hospital reimbursements and recover every penny that is owed. As a HIPAA compliant, Florida corporation with experience in Medicaid billing in multiple states, we use our years of expertise, dynamic technology, and resourcefulness to ensure compliance and timely billing of your claims. CRS will work with your facility and billing staff to audit current procedures and past R/A’s for any identifiable problem areas and from our findings provide consultation and training in order to improve the collection and denial process. In addition, our team at CRS assists clients by appealing claims that have been erroneously denied. We also assist healthcare providers with accounts receivable cleanup, which results in reduced AR days and reduced bad debt.

Disability Services

At CRS our team of knowledgeable professionals works hard to improve the lives of people living with disabilities. Not only do we help patients secure their benefits, but we also advocate for patients living with disabilities by proactively working with agencies to directly ensure that adjudicators who are making decisions have everything they need to make the process more efficient and less painful for all parties. This presents a no-risk solution for healthcare providers to ensure maximum financial return, plus it improves the patient experience because they feel like someone is in their corner as our team helps them navigate through the complex Social Security Disability Insurance (SSI and SSDI) process. Our expertise also includes:

  • Filing and attending Administrative Law Judge appeals, Also working the cases during the period in the attempt to get expedited favorable decisions without having to wait for the hearing.
  • Expediting the approval process with state and government agencies upon receiving a favorable decision.
  • Medicaid for kidney dialysis patients.
Disability Services

Utilization Review

Streamline your admissions process by having CRS provide your hospital with experienced professionals who exclusively process clinical submission for inpatient authorization. By having a dedicated team who knows how to assess a patient’s clinical picture and provide requests/receipt of inpatient authorizations and minimal days denied, you will receive timely billing and payment of your claims–which means you get paid faster and with less headache.

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